Better Focus, Better Life: 6 Meaningful Sites to Feed the Soul

We spend  a lot of time on the Internet. And too much of that time spent is aimless browsing on social media channels, and websites that lack meaning that may even reduce our self-esteems or “deplete our energy.” With constant images of celebrity, why we should date whom and when, and so many other “things” to consume, all this trending stuff can get overwhelming.  

So here’s a cheat sheet of sites that can help grow self-awareness, offer healthy eating tips, and insightful info to boot:

The Elephant Journal

Article titles like “You Are the Universe” are not written to boost ego, but instead to remind us how to connect  to a greater consciousness.  Awareness is integral to give life meaning, and a reminder of where  to direct focus to transform our everyday into what we want. These dreams are not of the ethereal “Am I awake” nature. They are to be manifested.  What do you dream of? See if you can’t find common ground or a supportive voice on Elephant Journal, a leading wellness journal with drop down menus on yoga and food. Bookmark this website to attract infinite possibilities for personal growth.

The Collective Evolution

The title says it all.  While there may be some bad news on cheese and its overpowering influence, the site’s ultimate goal is to expand how we think. Science, Tech, Lifestyle and Health are just some of the topics covered in this comprehensive website.  Their aim is to create change by raising consciousness.  “Plus-Sized Yogi Is Showing The World That Body Weight Is Just A State Of Mind,” for example shows the website to be both encompassing and forward-focused.


Hello, beautiful!  Every woman should find the right combination of items to enhance her beauty. It allows us to feel more comfortable and more confident. Organaca offers sustainable beauty products that won’t comprise health or the environment. They’re also super high quality! Products like skin and hair serums with ingredients that can be pronounced(such as  frankincense oil) are just a couple examples of what’s available on the site.

My New Roots

This one is for the foodies.  A site written by a holistic nutritionist with a love for whole foods and photography, the site offers “edible inspirations” and a display of founder Sarah B’s  love for whole foods. The food photography is gorgeous, the recipes decadent and plant-based, and the cookbook library illuminating. Prepare for the side effect of a healthy glow after trying one of Sarah B’s artisan recipes.

Everyday Feminism

For every progressive woman  Everyday Feminism should be the go-to source. Their mission is big and, trust, you want to be a part of it. With tag lines like Fem 101, Privilege, LGBQTIA, and Race, the site aims to dismantle discrimination through compassionate activism. You will be informed, and inspired to take action. They even offer a course in self-love–makes me want to jump back and kiss myself–muah!


This is a marketplace.  For artisans and entrepreneurs working to gain added exposure, Ahalife is the “universal sound of discovery.” The website hosts an extensive list of curators, including Iman, Deepak Chopra, and Bobbie Brown who select items with a unique consumer in mind.  But the goal is not to just buy, right?  You can also sell your wares on this well-cultivated site with an audience of over 45 countries.  AHAlife believes in conscious  consumption, not basic e-commerce. Check out the profile on entrepreneur Shauna Mei who went from from Goldman Sachs intern to Ahalife CEO and founder. Now that’s Alpha.



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