About Us

Who’s at the helm of Alpha2Alpha?
Nadya Rousseau and Lauren Jones: two pioneering entrepreneurs who are also the founders of globally recognized purpose forward marketing agency Alter New Media. Oh, and they also happen to be married. 😉

Currently based in Las Vegas, NV, the duo have had their share of encounters with women’s groups claiming to be “empowering” that only shot them down in the end. Why? Because neither Nadya nor Lauren fit the mold that these groups were looking for. Worse, they were even called “too aggressive” for speaking their minds.

Over time, Nadya and Lauren tired of women’s empowerment circles, Facebook groups, and memberships that promised to uplift women only to judge them in the end. Instead, they chose to walk alone but always aimed to positively impact the girls and women they encountered along their journey.

Adversity has never stopped either woman, as they have grown individually and together, personally and professionally, both encountered bullying, discouragement, and incredulity– and often from other women.

Lauren Jones and Nadya Rousseau

Though in more ways than one they both fit a traditional Alpha archetype, they aim to show that any woman has what it takes to be Alpha with the right tools, resources, confidence and support. That’s where Alpha2Alpha comes in. They recognize that their own success was a result of cooperating and collaborating with one another and are here to empower you to do the same.