Alpha2Alpha is a movement to debunk the mythos surrounding what it means to be an Alpha female and to show that every woman, regardless of who she is, where she’s from, or how society may perceive her, has potential for leadership and being the best she can be.

But what is Alpha? Literally, Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In contemporary culture Alpha, simply put, is being the best. Alpha females, as such, are considered the best and the top at everything they do. They’re perceived as the prettiest, smartest, and most driven of the pack. Nothing can stop them. Contemporary culture says genetics and environmental factors only grant a few women to Alpha status, while the rest are left with Beta and Omega labels (basically, the middle, and the last).This is false.

Here’s the thing: every woman can be her “Alpha Best,” given the proper resources, information, and support–especially from other women.

There are numerous hurdles women must jump over to reach their best Alpha selves. From issues concerning body image, to socioeconomic standing, to lack of awareness of “what’s out there” or even feeling isolated in one’s community; at times, it’s easier to just give up or settle.

That’s why we must empower one another through discussion of societal and internal challenges, network to create co-created opportunity, shared resources, and information to spread the message that #WeareallAlpha .



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